Pockie Ninja Hack v1.0

Cracker November 15, 2012 2
Pockie Ninja Hack v1.0






  • Run Pockie Ninja Hack v1.0 by GameFTeam.
  • Put your account name.
  • Select the server.
  • Select the value you want to add
  • Press Start Hack and wait until the program enters data into the database game.
  • Check your account


If you are concerned you can use to detect masking options

that you can select the tab in Self.


Pockie Ninja II Original, as the first Anime-inspired web game in China, thoroughly breaks the limit of traditional game—“one class for one character”, making the game much easier and funnier. Besides, it has two unique features:

1. Outfit System

Nearly 100 outfits are available to change, allowing players to experience different class. The system is not just simply displaying the outfits, but also provides more options for class selection. When a player changes another outfit, his / her stats, skills and gear will all change. Thus, there are more opportunities to select the class and players can get more fun.

2. Skill System

Pockie Ninja II Original has a powerful skill system: 10 categories of skills: Fire Release, Water Release, Earth Release, Wind Release, Lightening Release, Taijutsu, Sealing, Weapon, Illusion, Healing with each having 5 skills. Totally 50 skills are available to match up. Players can match the skills to form various combat modes such as attack mode, defense mode. Matched up with the Stealth of outfit, the battle is full of fun.


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    It really works, thanks you man. I love you <3

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